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6 comments  |  10:03 PM, Monday, 18th August, 2014

“If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men believe and adore…?” – Isaac Asimov, ‘Nightfall’ Isaac Asimov’s ‘Nightfall’ could not have predicted a brighter night sky. The stars glimmered and glistened, their ancient light like pinpricks penetrating the darkness. Spreading across the sky in a giant arc, the ...Read More

14 comments  |  9:38 PM, Tuesday, 15th July, 2014

For the past ten days, I’ve been struck down by flu in Spiti. With a burning throat and a scorching forehead, I felt my body become the locus of gnawing aches and utter weariness. It is incredible how, at such times, we are entirely reduced to our material selves. Physical pain consumes us; we become little more than a suffering conglomerate of bodily parts. ...Read More

22 comments  |  3:34 PM, Saturday, 21st June, 2014

Smoke billowed out from the bowl in great drifts. The audience watched with a combination of wonder and trepidation. What would this giant sorcerer from across the seas do next? He proceeded to dip a rag in soapy water and passed it over the rim of the bowl. A vast bubble started forming, with grey smoke creating mysterious swirls within. A fortune-teller’s ...Read More

19 comments  |  2:55 PM, Friday, 6th June, 2014

A deep lowing sound from outside the flat made us look up. That would be a cow chewing cardboard, I thought. I went to the window of our little kitchen to find out. Sure enough, it was a giant one-humped cow munching on cardboard in a satisfied manner, outlined against a craggy, dusty, snow-peaked mountain. I waited. Ah, there he was. A little boy running after the cow ...Read More

5 comments  |  12:04 PM, Monday, 26th May, 2014

On a summer’s day in Sheffield last year, my friend Jason and I stood at his desk, looking at Google Earth. We were at work – but everyone takes time out to gaze at the world unfolding on their computer screens through the wonder that is Google Earth, don’t they? It is a healthy reminder of the vastness of human existence in contrast to our individual microcosmic ...Read More

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